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The initiative #coronakünstlerhilfe, founded by filmmaker and singer-songwriter Timm Markgraf and entrepreneur Benjamin Klein, aims to support artists who got into financial difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For this purpose, donations are collected, which are administered and distributed in trust by the newly founded association "1st class session-Artist Support-e.V.". The sole purpose of this charitable association is to provide financial support to artists, who got into financial di f culties through no fault of their own, especially due to the current pandemic. First chairman Peer Frenzke, professional musician and lecturer at Lüneburg’s Leuphana University, has more than ten years of experience in association work. In this video he explains why he decided to cooperate with the initiative #coronakuenstlerhilfe.

Because culture is not a luxury that we treat ourselves to or that we can discard, but the spiritual ground that ensures our inner ability to survive.

-Richard von Weizsäcker-

1st Class Session-Artist Support-e.V.

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Many freelance artists don’t receive money from the support funds provided by the German government as part of the Corona emergency aid programme, as this money may only be used for business expenses, such as business premises, sta ff  salaries or leasing contracts and not for the costs of living such as rent, water and food. However, the majority of these people have little or no working capital, which means they are not entitled to benefit from this support.

How to donate

If you’d also like to support our work, please donate to the following bank account:
1st Class Session - Artist Support e.V.
IBAN: DE04 2405 0110 0065 7509 94


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To support „1St Class Session – Artist Support e.V. “, there is an interdisciplinary team with all kinds of expertices like taxes, law, IT, finances, art and culture, publishing and education.

Benjamin Klein
Timm Markgraf
Sarah Ape
Peer Frenzke
1. Chairman "1st Class Session e.V."
Rebekka Antonia Eitel
Martin Warnecke
Nadir Aslam

Rainer Scheithauer | Prof. Dr. Michael Ahlers | Dirk Siemer | Peter Hoffmann | Dr. Dirk Zuther | Günther Hagemann

1st Class Session - Artist Support e.V., Auf dem Vievacker 4, 21407 Deutsch Evern, represented by the 1st chairman: Peer Frenzke

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